2022 TFA Endorsements for Takoma Park

TFA surveyed its members and the following candidates received a majority of votes for our endorsement. TFA thanks all of the candidates who responded to our questionnaire, and to the TFA members who served on the election steering committee and voted for endorsements. More information about the candidates is located on the Takoma Park public website, including information on how to vote.

For Mayor: Talisha Searcy

For Ward 1 City Council: Shana Fulcher

Ward 2 City Council: Cindy Dyballa

Ward 4 City Council: Terry Seamens


2022 Elections for Takoma Park

Takoma For All sent a questionnaire to all candidates running for election to the City Council of Takoma Park. Our questionnaire was broad and covered numerous issues so that TFA could learn more about the candidates’ views.

We appreciate the time and thought that went into responding to these questions, and we are making them public for all voters in Takoma Park to assist in their decision-making. In the next week, TFA members and the steering committee will review the candidates position and make public endorsements for candidates who we believe are the best choices to lead Takoma Park into the future.


Seth Grimes

Talisha Searcy

Jarrett Smith (no response)

Ward 1

Shana Fulcher

Mark Sherman (no response)

Elizabeth Wallace

Ward 2

Cindy Dyballa

Ward 3

Mimi Diez

Randy Gibson

Alex Hadden

Ward 4

Terry Seamens

Ward 5

AJ Campbell

Cara Hoznak (no response)

Yared Tebabu (no response)

Ward 6

Ambroise Agosse (no response)

Raju Charles (no response)

Mike Moore

Jason Small