2020 Endorsements

Takoma For All is proud to endorse the following candidates in the 2020 elections for Mayor and City Council:

Mayor:       Kate Stewart  

Ward 2:     Cindy Dyballa

Ward 3:     Kacy Kostiuk

Ward 5:     Sawa Kamara

Ward 6:     Talisha Searcy

Our endorsements are based on responses to a questionnaire sent to candidates and other information from their political records. Click on the hyperlinks above or here for a PDF version of their answers to our questionnaire. We are not endorsing candidates in Ward One and Ward Four. In the case of Ward Four, we did not receive answers. Takoma For All is a group of public-spirited residents of Takoma Park, Md., and Takoma, DC, who support:

  • Changes in housing and growth policies to welcome more new neighbors; 
  • More affordable and “missing middle” housing;
  • Transit-oriented smart growth near the Metro and Purple Line stops;
  • An increase in the City’s tax base through additional development;
  • More commercial opportunities for retailers, restaurants and other small businesses;
  • Maximizing alternative transit modes and reducing reliance on fossil fuels;
  • Creative solutions in partnership with Montgomery County Public Schools to address overcrowding in our classrooms;
  • Proposed enhancements to our public buildings such as the Library, Community Center and Recreation Center;
  • More housing density, including ADUs (auxiliary dwelling units);
  • Full realization of the plans for the City-owned parking lot at Takoma Junction as soon as possible. 

The six questions we asked all candidates:

1)  Do you agree with us that more housing, both market-rate and subsidized, should be created in Takoma Park: If so, what steps will you take to facilitate creation of new housing?

2) Takoma Park has several potential development and revitalization opportunities. Please describe your vision for the following sites. In your opinion, how should they be further developed?

            a. Takoma-Langley Crossroads (Purple Line Station)

            b. Takoma Park Rec Center

            c.  Washington Adventist Hospital campus

3) On the long-debated Takoma Junction development process, do you support continuing the existing County and City review process, or do you propose restarting the development process, including a new Request for Proposals. If so, how would the City fund this work?

4) Would you promote multifamily construction by offering relief from rent stabilization for new buildings, as the District and many other jurisdictions do?

5) City public engagements currently over-represent the views of older, white, and home-owning residents. How would you change the process to better engage renters, minorities, immigrants, and young families?

6) Takoma Park ES, Piney Branch ES, Rolling Terrace ES, and Montgomery Blair HS are at or over capacity. Do you support advocating the MCPS system for a new local school? How else would you work with MCPS to provide sufficient capacity and quality for our growing community?

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